9 Game Changing Tips for Women Entrepreneurs in 2013

At the end of each year, I take an inventory of my life and business to shine a light on what proved to be most effective.

Here are my top nine timely tips for women entrepreneurs who are ready to make a big leap in 2013:

1. Trust Your Instincts- It’s essential that you hone your intuition and become comfortable making decisions about your life and business. Set a goal to practice being present more often and listen closely to your internal voice.

2. Practice Solitude – In our wired world, if you aren’t careful, you can be “on” all the time. Technology has certainly made our lives a lot easier but it’s essential that you not allow these time saving tools to control your life. Spending time alone is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Start small by taking a long walk alone (cell phone off) or set your alarm to wake up for some quiet time before the busyness of your day takes over. I highly recommend taking an overnight trip alone to a favorite spa or hotel at least once a year.

3. Find Your Sweet Spot – Discover where your light shines in your business and set yourself up to live in that space as often as possible. Notice when your energy and enjoyment of the work meets the clients highest good and satisfaction – that’s your sweet spot. When I discovered this a few years ago, it was pure delight.

4. Love Your Numbers – Pay attention to money in and money out. When I began to treat my income and expenses with respect and honor the process of taking good care of my business financially, I was rewarded with significantly more income and ideal clients.

5. Say No More Often – This can be a challenge for women as we are nurturers by nature. If you want to live a life that feels truly meaningful and encompasses all your big ideas, dreams and goals, the word no needs to easily roll off your tongue.

6. Positive People Please – Embrace happy, positive, success-oriented people. Eliminate toxic negativity from your life. Period.

7. Gratitude is Good – If you’re ready to open your arms wide to having more in your life, practice gratitude daily. Be grateful for every little thing – a steamy cup of coffee, your local crossing guard and if you’re reading this right now, the fact that you are alive.

8. Exercise Empathy – If you have a dream of making a difference in the world or desire a leadership role, empathy is a valuable tool you’ll need along the way. As the great leader Stephan Covey said, “Seek first to understand.” Understanding and acknowledging someone else’s situation is the foundation to change.

9. Think Bigger- Give yourself permission to create a bigger vision for yourself than you ever thought possible. Write down a goal that feels challenging (and maybe a little scary) and then design a plan to achieve it by December 31, 2013.

If you implement even one of these nine game changing tips over the next 30 days, I promise you positive change will begin to show up in your life. I’m calling 2013 “The Year of the Woman Entrepreneur” as my instincts tell me next year is going to be a year of abundance for women who are ready to embrace all that life and business have to offer.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

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Discover How to Become a Game-Changing Soccer Player

Are you warming up the bench every single time your team plays? Well that is just not right. You should be the one scoring goals and leading your team to victory. Scaring your opponents with just a simple glance at them.

There is probably a good reason why the coach is not picking you to play in the starting line-up. You must prove yourself physically and mentally. First one on the practice and last one out. Leaving and breathing soccer is a must. Great soccer players have a specific mindset about soccer. They are confident and not afraid to lead.

I have a friend like that. Derren is an amazing striker. It doesn’t matter if we are playing against a good or a bad team. He always gives his all and has a nose for goal. Head, left foot, right foot… it doesn’t matter, he scores goal with ease. He is a goal machine. We are simply just not as good when he is not playing. He really lives and breathes soccer. He plays in two leagues and is training a group of kids. The kids love him and are among top three in the league. Derren fears no one. His mindset is set and he really is a game-changing player.

So how do we achieve that? How can we become like Derren?

If you think Derren was born this way, think again. He spent countless hours on that field. Running, training, dribbling, playing against other opponents. He watches every soccer game on TV and analyzes it. He is thinking. Read again, HE IS THINKING. He understands soccer is not just kicking the ball around. It is much, much more. You must use your head. Understanding why a team is losing or wining a match is vital. Derren programed his mind in such a way that he sees what somebody did wrong or not and then tries to apply that to his own game.

Therefore, to become a truly game-changing player you must be like Derren, living and breathing soccer. Spending countless hours training on that field, start programing your mind and I guarantee you to will become a game-changing soccer player.

You can also find websites that teach you about this kind of “thinking”. There is a lot of material around the web. You just need to make sure that you find the right kind of information and that it suits your needs.

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21 Game Changing Thoughts to Remember When Dealing With Tough Times

During the summer of 2010, one of my former bosses and mentors passed away at the age of 62. Mike Dunn impacted many people’s lives during his 62 years. I met Mike Dunn in 1994 when I served on a committee to recruit a new Director of Recreational Sports at Ohio State University. I was immediately impressed by Mike’s commitment to help others achieve their next level of success and happiness!

In honor of Mike, I decided to offer several game changing thoughts to inspire you to reach your next level of success and happiness when dealing with tough times…

Find something to “enjoy to the fullest” in all your experiences
Your ego can rob you of joy, if left unchecked
When given rewards and opportunities, give back to others and invest in yourself to keep pace with your success
Peace is always a choice, not something that must be found
What is possible is well beyond our current limited experiences so develop a compelling vision for the future
Trust your potential to overcome your short-comings
Shift your perspective to overcome your immediate challenges – most of immediate challenges dissolve when we ask about their significance in 10 minutes, 10 months, or 10 years
Aspire to be “way out in front” while detaching from the need for public confirmation
You don’t need a middle man to connect with your higher power
Nothing has power over you without your agreement
Bad times and good times are both a part of life. Bad times are a blessing to make good times much sweeter if we focus on lessons and action, not griping and complaining!
There is always a solution to your problems, you need to be relentlessly in your search for them. Don’t quit before the miracle happens!
Your strengths are always within reach
Maslow defines self actualization as being independent of the good (or bad) opinion of others
There is always somewhere you can start your journey forward – no matter where you are
Time is like a magnet. It attracts all kinds of activities to fill it. You must be able to establish priorities to reach your destination AND enjoy your journey!
Accountability and responsibility are always part of the journey – so are forgiveness and compassion
There is always an element of hustle that must follow thinking, planning, and communicating
A dream becomes a goal when you develop and act on your “plan to start.” A goal becomes a reality when you adjust that plan and persistently push through or go around your challenges!
Confidence does not come from the outside, it is created on the inside
Inspiration is the breakfast of champions

I offer these nuggets as food for thought because right thinking precedes right action. However, action must follow thinking to reap the benefits of it. So, take action NOW on the game changing thought that resonates with you!

NOTE: If you are looking for further information on these thoughts, search for other articles I have written on the words in BOLD above.

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Creating a Game Changing Culture

What is Culture?

Culture is who you are as a company. It is a set of shared assumptions that guide how the individuals within your company perceive, think, feel, and react to various situations. These behaviors are learned organically by watching how leaders and team members interact with each other and their customers.

Culture greatly impacts what achievements are possible for your company, but for most leaders, it seems invisible and is often difficult to get their head and hands around it.

Creating a Game Changing Culture
Bottom line, culture starts with you. If you are happy inside and are doing what you love, it will show. If you are open, honest, and genuinely care about the happiness and success of others, they will feel it. If you believe in others and value them, they will know it. If you enjoy life and have fun at work and play, those around you will too.

A Game Changing Culture is an extension of consistent leadership beliefs and actions-what you say, feel, and do. It can be changed when understood, prioritized, and focused on. It becomes the foundation of what people believe and value in the company, which shapes their behavior and ultimately determines how things get done.

Most companies have their “own unique culture.” In larger companies, there are sometimes conflicting cultures that co-exist due to different values and characteristics of the management team. Every company culture, no matter what the company size, may have both negative and positive aspects.

My Experience with Culture
In the ’80s and ’90s, I was fortunate enough to be part of a dynamic, fast growing organization who had great leadership and a positive and open management style. They demonstrated total trust, respect and confidence in their team. As a result, we had a very strong, dedicated, game-changing culture where team members would go above and beyond for the success of the team and satisfaction of the customers.

I not only got to witness and experience the magic of this game changing culture; I was part of the team that made it happen. We worked hard to define the values that were truly meaningful to us so we knew we could be what we said we were-or in other words, we could walk our talk. Then we consistently modeled those behaviors or values in all that we did and said. These values were an intrinsic part of our policies, procedures, programs, training, and incentives and recognition programs, which resulted in the natural organic growth of our game-changing culture.

The Importance of Culture
Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” For those who have seen the impact of culture on a company’s success, you will know how true that statement is. When company leaders understand this and prioritize culture, the results can be absolutely astonishing and even magical for both individuals and the corporation as a whole.

The bottom line is, no matter how inspiring your vision or how brilliant your strategy, neither will happen effectively if not supported by the culture. It is the culture, not the leaders, that determines what is accepted and rejected within a company. Culture decides which people will be accepted and successful and which ones will leave. Culture determines which ideas get implemented and which get dumped. Finally, culture determines if corporate strategy will even have a chance to succeed.

Many companies are faced with transforming a culture that is characterized by bitterness, lack of trust, fear of buyouts, projected layoffs, downsizing, or a change in management. As a result, most organization’s cultures restrict or limit change rather than supporting or accelerating it.

This won’t work if your organization needs to move more quickly and effectively and in today’s world, it certainly needs to. Leaders must understand what causes culture and influences the team members within it in order to create a game changing culture.

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